GRACE champagne gemstone drop earrings


Sparkling as they catch the light, these champagne gemstone drop earrings are noticeable pair. Elevated details, like extra wraps of silver wire supporting the gemstone and textured  links above, add artisan touches. While they are a simple style, the sizable gemstone, with it’s beautiful faceting make them memorable. The perfect last detail!



  • Sterling Silver
  • Champagne Quartz
  • Measure: 1.5 inches

All jewelry from Carrie Whelan Designs is handcrafted in our Connecticut studio.

Gemstones and pearls will vary slightly due to Mother Nature; only those of high quality and beauty are selected for our designs.

Jewelry is beautifully packaged and includes a postcard with handwritten note from the designer and details of the piece.

If you have any questions, please contact us.