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It’s Time to Think Pink!

Elevate Your Style with Pink Gemstone Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, we often gravitate towards traditional gemstone colors like sapphire blue or emerald green. However, it’s time to think pink and embrace the elegance and femininity of pink gemstone jewelry. 

Adding pink gemstones like rose quartz, rhodonite, and rhodochrosite to your jewelry collection is a beautiful way to infuse your style with soft color and meaning. With the handcrafted details you love and my dedication to quality, you’ll have pieces that become enduring favorites in your jewelry collection. 

Pearl and rose quartz necklace in gold fill By Carrie Whelan Designs

ARIETTA Necklace: A classic pearl and rose quartz necklace with a touch of pink. Handmade in 14kt gold fill or sterling silver.

Rose Quartz Jewelry: A Delicate Accent of Love

Rose quartz stone is often referred to as the “Stone of Love” for its gentle, loving energy. It’s believed to promote self-love, harmony, and compassion. Wearing a rose quartz necklace adds a soft touch of color to your outfit and carries positive emotional and spiritual benefits. What could be better? Chic + positive!

Rose quartz drop earrings in gold handmade

BLAIR earrings: A feminine and elegant choice. These petite pink gemstones dangle from twisted links, adding texture to the wrapped top. 

Rose quartz necklace in gold by Carrie Whelan Designs

JILL pendant: This necklace features delicate rose quartz stones in a soft blush pink color that is said to attract love – the perfect accent for your neckline.

Explore Deeper Pink: Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite

While rose quartz steals the spotlight with its soft pink hues, don’t forget to explore other pink gemstones like rhodonite and rhodochrosite. These deeper colors balance the delicateness of pink with more earthy tones. 

Rhodonite boasts beautiful rosy pink, symbolizing love and emotional balance. 

Rhodonite cluster bracelet in gold fill handmade by Carrie Whelan Designs

JOIE rhodonite cluster bracelet: Featuring gray pearls and blue iolite mixing with the rose colored gemstones, this twisted chain bracelet has a delicate and chic appearance.

Rhodonite earrings in gold fill by Carrie Whelan Designs

BLAIR rhodonite earrings: A darker pink, these gemstones dangle from twisted oval links, making them noticeable yet easy to wear daily. (sold out)

On the other hand, Rhodochrosite features deep shades of pink with gray and white patterns; striations that make each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Unique and limited gemstone shapes were hand selected for these designs to contrast the softness of the colors.  Associated with compassion and self-discovery, these bold and artistic designs will help you lead in style. 

Rhodochrosite cluster pendant in gold by Carrie Whelan Designs

ROSA rhodochrosite cluster pendant: A large faceted teardrop stone is surrounded by dangling rose quartz and a plump gray freshwater pearl. Earthy & Luxe!

Rhodochrosite earrings handmade by Carrie Whelan Designs

JOHANNA rhodochrosite earrings: Chic chain tassels popping with white freshwater pearls are a standout look. Handcrafted in 14kt gold fill they’re lasting statement earrings.

Update your jewelry collection with a hint of pink! Embrace your femininity and adorn yourself with jewelry that tells a story of love, beauty, and timelessness. Start your journey into the world of pink gemstone jewelry today!