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Add Meaning with Delicate Jewelry Details

If you’re buying handcrafted jewelry it’s because you love the details an artisan infuses into each piece. All those elegant touches that can’t be found in manufactured accessories are the result of each piece being crafted by hand. Those details are at the heart of why I love to design jewelry and what customers say keeps them coming back. Dainty beads on the clasp or extra wire wraps supporting a gemstone add touches of art, through meaningful design, that can be enjoyed daily and make beautiful gifts.

Over the years, I’ve discovered many customers love the security of the lever back closure for earrings. No worries, they will still be offered, but I have also found hand-formed earwires can provide both function and good design. Adding a little length or rounding a pair of hooks helps them balance a larger stone or allows a cluster of pearls hang just perfectly. I’ve designed the long wire hooks to create those gorgeous linear styles that perfectly highlight your face. Not too long, not too fussy, just right!

Handmade gold wedding accessories for a fine art bride by Carrie Whelan Designs

Designing my own shapes for chandeliers and links brings an original element to the jewelry; important one of a kind details. I know there are many choices when it comes to purchasing handcrafted jewelry, so adding in those original components is important to me and what makes the jewelry noticeably well-crafted.

Having shapes hand-formed with wire also keeps the chandeliers and hoops lightweight and avoids the feeling your earlobes are stretching. Forgetting you have it on is a big part of enjoying jewelry, no fuss – just beauty.

Handmade gold wedding accessories for a fine art bride by Carrie Whelan Designs

Similar to the lever back style earrings, lobster claw clasps are used on many necklace designs because of the security they provide. Clasp it on and no worries about it falling off; there’s something to be said about that, so those aren’t leaving the collection either. After years of using only manufactured clasps, including super large toggles (who remembers those?!), I have designed my own hooks clasps. Like a lobster clasp they’re easy to put on, but a bit more detailed. I can adjust their size to suit a design or add an elegant style element.

As I mentioned, I believe handcrafted delicate jewelry details are an accessible way to art to daily life. Selecting jewelry complete with beautifully crafted details make it worth wearing, caring for and gifting. I intend to add more of these delightful elements into future designs in hopes that you’ll continue to select these heirloom-quality pieces for your jewelry collection and meaningful gifts.

Handmade gold wedding accessories for a fine art bride by Carrie Whelan Designs