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Looking for Unique June Birthstone Gift Ideas?


Looking for something special for a June birthstone gift? Or perhaps you’re here because like me, you love all things pearl jewelry. Either way, you’re in the right place! 

Selecting a new pearl shape is a great way to create a unique gift. Freshwater pearls are cultured to so many shapes, the style options are aplenty. There are so many variations that I have a fresh jewelry style, even for the pearl lover that already has a large pearl collection. To help narrow it down, let’s talk about our most popular styles!

Rice Freshwater Pearls 


As the name implies, the rice freshwater pearl looks like a grain of rice. Not all quite as thin, this shape is our absolute best seller. Year after year, the KATE gray pearl drops are a favorite. 

Jewelry sets have long come in and out of fashion, but really you can’t go wrong having them in your collection.  A classic jewelry gift, the VIVIAN pendant and earrings set has made everyone from brides to new Moms feel so special. Both pieces are perfect layered up with other jewelry for an on trend look or worn it alone for a simple, feminine style. 


gray freshwater pearl drop earrings handmade by Carrie Whelan Designs
Handcrafted sterling silver and freshwater pearl bracelet by Carrie Whelan Designs
Handcrafted delicate freshwater pearl necklace and earrings set by Carrie Whelan Designs

Potato Freshwater Pearls 


With ultra classic, round to near round shape, the potato freshwater pearl is always a favorite. Clusters of them make feminine accents that you all seem to adore and so are added to my collections again and again. This latest addition, the THALIA cluster pendant has been popular in both sterling silver and 14kt gold fill. 

The HOLLY pearl bar necklace and LISA pearl bracelet are both timeless styles. Designed to be versatile, both layer well with other designs or a standalone classic. Looking for something more unique? The ERIKA chandelier earrings, made with tiny potato pearls bring together these chic pearls with a large sparkling gem. A delicate pair of chandelier earrings that make a statement!

Blue gemstone and pearl cluster pendant in 14kt gold fill Carrie Whelan Designs
Handmade dainty freshwater pearl bracelet with aqua drop by Carrie Whelan Designs
Freshwater pearl bar necklace in sterling silver handmade by Carrie Whelan Designs
Delicate freshwater pearl chandelier earrings handmade in silver by Carrie Whelan Designs

Keshi Freshwater Pearls

Organically shaped, keshi freshwater pearls bring on the free spirited feelings! While care is taken when designing your pair of perfect pearl earrings, keshi pearls are wildly different. Grown with no nucleus, they tend to be flat and petal-like. The LILY keshi pearl earrings are the perfect example of this! 

The floral shaping lends them to our botanical inspired jewelry, like two of our top selling items, the ARABELLA cluster necklace and ELISE dangle keshi earrings.

Keshi pearl earrings in sterling silver handmade by Carrie Whelan Designs
Petal Pearl and gemstone cluster necklace handcrafted by Carrie Whelan Designs
Long keshi pearl cluster earrings in gold handmade by Carrie Whelan Designs

Coin Freshwater Pearls

Chic and unexpected, coin freshwater pearls are a classic jewelry staple – or at least they should be! While some are perfectly round and flat like the LUNA coin earrings others are more of a teardrop. 

As in nature, there are variations like the tailed coin pearl. The baroque shape lends them to an organic chic look like the DENISE coin hoop earrings. When the shape is more uniform, they are sheer elegance, like the ADORO statement earrings

Handmade white coin pearl earrings with lever back in sterling by Carrie Whelan Designs
Delicate pearl chain hoop earrings in silver handmade by Carrie Whelan Designs
Coin pearl and crystal cascade earrings for bride by Carrie Whelan Designs

Believe me, there are many more shapes of freshwater pearls, but these are definitely our most popular. I hope this have given you a few unique June birthstone gift ideas, but if not, CONTACT ME. Let’s get you the pearl jewelry gift you need!