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Welcome to the Carrie Whelan Designs Blog!

I’ve created this space to share the latest news from the studio. You can expect to see jewelry fresh from design table, photos from weddings I’ve designed for and plenty of inspiration if you’re just looking for something pretty.

Design beginnings

I started making jewelry after my wedding; over eleven years ago. My passion for it has led me to building a creative business. Over the years my style and design techniques have definitely evolved, but one thing has stayed the same – pearls. My love of pearls has lead me to focus on wedding jewelry. Yet my goal is still the same, to create timeless jewelry that are lasting favorites. If you’ve been collecting my jewelry over the years never fear I am not leaving colorful design behind!

Current journey

I believe the jewelry worn the day of a wedding is special and should become a treasured heirloom – something that looks just as great on an anniversary date as it did on the big day! I truly enjoy collaborating on custom jewelry; to design exactly what my customers are looking for. Whether it’s for a wedding day, a special occasion – or the perfect everyday piece – custom design is a specialty!


Recently I’ve joined a group of artisan jewelry designers to launch a showroom at AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a great way for emerging designers to connect with boutiques.  This opportunity will bring Carrie Whelan Designs to many new retail locations. It has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share more as this amazing opportunity progresses!